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Bulk SMS Text Messaging service

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 Bulk SMS text messaging service - to send text messages

from... any PC with internet access,
to... a single cell phone, or in bulk to your list of cell phones.

No software, hardware, phone lines or cellular service required.


  Communicate with your prospects / customers / members, easily
  and reliably with our Web-based, self-serve text messaging system.

 We provide a simple-to-use and powerful web-based service which
 enables you to
maintain lists and run your SMS bulk text messaging
 campaigns online 24/7, including (see details for each below)..

 we can manage your fax lists   Automated Opt-In List Building

 we can manage your fax lists   Robust List Maintenance

 we can manage your fax lists   Personalization of Bulk Text Messages

 we can manage your fax lists   Scheduling of Broadcast Jobs

 we can manage your fax lists   Configure Automated Responses

 we can manage your fax lists   Link to Third Party Software Applications (SMS Gateway)

 we can manage your fax lists   Highest Level of Reliability

 we can manage your fax lists   Experienced, Personal Service

 we can manage your fax lists   Competitive Pricing


Automated Opt-In List Building

 You must have prior permission from your recipients before sending them
 text messages.  Our Web-based system provides a complete
Permission-based Opt-In list management system.

 Online, you can create multiple Keywords to identify multiple Opt-In lists.  

 Then you use our SMS short code to receive Opt-In requests to a Keyword.

 Our system saves you the time and expense of registering your own SMS
 short code - so your marketing campaigns work for you faster!

   Opt-In List Building  click for details & examples

Robust List Maintenance 

 In addition to creating new Opt-In lists with our system, you can also
 upload your existing Opt-In lists, and maintain them all online.

 When broadcasting your campaigns, our full-featured system gives you
 numerous options.

   Robust List Maintenance  click for details & examples

Personalization of Bulk Text Messages

 You can automatically merge your recipient names into the body of your
 bulk text messages - personalizing your communication!


Scheduling of Broadcast Jobs

 You can quickly choose to...
 ... deliver bulk text message alerts immediately -or-
 ... schedule campaigns to be automatically delivered at a specific date
     and time.


Configure Automated Responses

  You can easily solicit a Text message from a patron / customer, and
  automatically respond in order to serve them better.

  This feature is ideal for one-off promotions or for providing information.

  The patron is not added to a list.


Link to Third Party Software Applications (SMS Gateway)

 We offer communication specifications for your Web site to link to our
 SMS Gateway service, enabling
 ...  your Web site visitors to
Opt-In or Opt-Out of your text lists,
 ...  sending of individual SMS text messages to
your site visitors, and
 ...  sending Bulk SMS Tex messages.

 Protocalls to Third Party Software Applications include Email,  HTTP and
 XML (via Email attachments).  Customizing these links to Third Party
 software applications is treated as a separate service (SMS Gateway)
 and requirements vary considerably.  Please ask for details.


Highest Level of Reliability 

 Bulk SMS Text Messaging - Based in USA  We are US-based, whereas many competitors are based overseas.

 Bulk SMS Text Messaging - Reliable Delivery  Unlike most others, we use direct connections to the networks,
     utilizing SMPP and registered short codes, making our service more

 Bulk SMS Text Messaging - Carriers  You do not need to know the wireless network for your cell phone

 Bulk SMS Text Messaging - Cell Phone Networks  Our service is approved by all major US cell phone networks - if your
     recipient's network/cell phone supports text messaging, we can deliver
     your message from our Web-based system to their cell phone.


Experienced, Personal Service

 Are you tired of the impersonal nature of internet services?  With our
 service, you will have toll-free access to human customer service
 specialists, so you will be text messaging on your own - but not alone!


Competitive Pricing

 Bulk SMS Text Messaging - Pricing  Low, competitive pricing gets you the Best Value in text messaging.

 Bulk SMS Text Messaging - Pricing  Prices are based on volumes and purchase types: either prepaid Ad-hoc
     purchases -or- automatic monthly debits (discounted) - your choice.

 monthly invoice for qualifying companies  Pre-paid credits do not expire - so they're there when you need them,
     and the monthly plan rolls-over unused credits to the next month.

 monthly invoice for qualifying companies  No minimum job requirements - you can send to 1 recipient or thousands.

 monthly invoice for qualifying companies  No setup fees or termination fees.  Get started for as little as $45.


  Bulk SMS Text Messaging service requires no software or hardware
 so you can get started today!


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No software needed for SMS Text Messaging
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