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Bulk SMS Text Messaging service

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 Automated Opt-In List Building

  By law, you must have prior permission from your Text Message recipients
  before sending them text messages.

  Our Web-based system provides everything you need to build and maintain
  multiple Permission-based Opt-In lists...

 Bulk SMS Text Messaging - Keyword  You can create multiple Keywords to identify targeted Opt-In lists.

 Bulk SMS Text Messaging - Advertising  Advertise your Keywords to your customers/prospects via your favorite

 Bulk SMS Text Messaging - Short Code  Responding to your marketing, your customers Opt-In by texting your
     target Keyword to our short code, building your Opt-In list for you!

 Bulk SMS Text Messaging - Keyword  By using our SMS short code, you save the time and expense of
     registering your own short code, and your marketing works faster!

  For example:

  A bar may wish to regularly promote new featured beers on tap.  So they
  would advertise at the bar and in their other advertising:

  “Text brew and your name to 43704 to receive featured beer alerts”

  In this case, as the list will be used regularly, a double Opt-In is required.
  Upon receipt of the text above, the bar's first automated response may

  “Reply Y to confirm you wish to receive featured beer alerts. Std 
rates apply.”

  Having replied “Y”, the bar's automated confirmation response may read:

  “Thank you for Opting-In to receive featured beer alerts from (bar
name). Send STOP to Opt-O

  The patron's name and cell number have automatically been captured and
  are put in the (Keyword) "brew" list.  The bar can now legally send messages
  to all the Opt-In patrons in that "brew" list.

  Of course the bar can also build Opt-In lists for other reasons, for instance
  when a particular band is going to play there.  So another Keyword list
  would be created for that band (using that band name as your Keyword),

  Our system saves you the time and expense of registering your own
  SMS short code - so your Text marketing campaigns work for you faster!

  Bulk SMS Text Messaging service requires no software or hardware
 so you can get started today!


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No software needed for SMS Text Messaging
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